Chapter 6: Sustainable Development, Green Growth and Sustainable Agriculture: Concepts and Issues for Nigerian Agriculture – A. E. Oguntade

Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria



Nigerian agriculture has not been able to supply a significant proportion of the food the nation needs to feed its teeming population, hence the nation keeps importing large amounts of food every year. Also, poverty in Nigeria is increasing and is currently estimated at 49.1%. This paper looks at conceptual issues on sustainable development, green growth and sustainable agriculture with a view to raising issues on sustainable agriculture that should be considered in order to move Nigeria’s agriculture forward. It concludes that the main goal of sustainable agriculture which Nigeria’s Agriculture must strive to attain is to meet society’s food and fibre needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This requires that Nigeria’s agricultural sector meets the standards of environmental, economic and social sustainability. In addition, if Nigeria desires to pursue the slightly higher standards of Green Growth and Green Economy, the nation must be efficient in the use of natural resources, minimize pollution and environmental impacts, and be resilient with respect to natural hazards. It must use more renewable energy sources for farm production activities. The researchers, extension workers and policy makers must work together to reconfigure the typical agricultural enterprise in Nigeria to meet these standards.

Key Words: Sustainable Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability, Green Growth, Green Economy.

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