Chapter 8: Improving Animal Production and Products for Sustainable Food Security in Emerging Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa – Agbede J. Oluwasola

Division of Nutritional Biochemistry, Department of Animal Production & Health, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, The Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria



Livestock production is important for the economic well-being of man and by extension of a nation and region. The animal production and products production in sub-Saharan Africa are very low when compared with those of advanced countries with well-developed strategies for enhanced animal production techniques. Thus, this paper attempts to compare the livestock primary and processed products of some selected countries in the sub-Sahara Africa with those of countries from Europe and America. While it was concluded that the production of livestock vis-à-vis primary and processed products in the sub-Sahara are generally low, some ways to improve production to sustain food security in countries of sub-Saharan Africa are highlighted.

Keywords: Livestock production, sub-Sahara, primary and processed products, food security.

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