Chapter 5: Food Safety and Value Addition: A Panacea to Food Security and Wealth Creation in Emerging Countries of Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) – Nigeria in Focus – FAGBEMI Tayo Nathaniel and OLUWAJUYITAN Timilehin David

1Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure,Nigeria.

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Value addition and food safety are critical engines that drive sustainable agribusiness especially in sub-Saharan Africa where export of agricultural produce is highly desired. Unemployment among youths, food insecurity, poverty and recently, insecurity which are its products are stirring the face of many Nigerians, yet we are sitting on billions of dollars of untapped or ill tapped agricultural resources, especially food. This is due to poor performance and low level of Applied Science and Technology Education. This paper discusses the issues involved and implication of food safety. Value addition, a process of changing or transforming agricultural food products from their original state to a more valuable state, and the challenges in meeting export requirements for the valuable products are discussed. The procedures involved in export of agricultural produces for wealth creation as well as the list of the micro, small and medium (MSMEs) enterprises approved for registration were stated. The information provided may be the ‘tonic’ required by the teaming unemployed youths to produce foods of export quality and create wealth.

Keywords: Food safety;value addition; wealth creation; micro, small and medium enterprises

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