From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

In exactly two years from now, Environtropica will celebrate two decades of its existence. Twenty years of struggling hard to project research findings on the tropical environment to the whole world will surely be honoured. The initial contributions were largely skewed in favour of Pure and Applied Sciences in which agricultural and wildlife investigations took the lead. We later extended our horizon to the Social Sciences as well as other disciplines hitherto not known to share an interphase with the natural environment. These include Law, the Humanities, Architecture, Engineering and Technology Management. We have kept faith with our focus that: “…articles should be general enough to interest tropical workers at large and yet … should be sufficiently substantive to attract the specialist with contents of lasting value and significance in tropical studies.” It has been a tortuous road which perseverance and doggedness have enabled us to surmount.

The task of publishing this Volume has been quite challenging. The Pandemic took its toll on our activities. Researchers, Reviewers, Editors, everybody went on recess. Everything stood at a standstill. The additional 70 pages published in this Volume have increased our contribution to knowledge in tropical environmental research to 1,737 pages. This is remarkable given the fact that the first Volume was published in 2004. We have just 263 pages to hit the 2,000-page mark. This is achievable in the next two years if researchers are not significantly distracted by the 21st Century exigencies and challenges in the academic world.

Our efforts in getting academic institutions to host this journal will soon yield viable fruits. Obstacles have been on getting a sizeable number of colleagues who have a genuine flare for editorial work in the same location. It appears as if our search will be extended to multidimensional academic institutions whose membership spread across more than one tertiary institution. The idea is to maintain and sustain the dream of the Founding Editors in respect of the contents and quality of each paper published. Global standards must be maintained in spite of the so-called “Nigeria Factor”.


Prof. ‘Tola Badejo
December 23, 2023


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