Comparative studies on length-weight relationship and Condition Factor of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus obtained from two reservoirs in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Ola-Oladimeji Folasade Adesola, Oladimeji Tofunmi Elizabeth, Idowu Eunice Opeyemi and Adedokun Janet Peju



Comparative study was conducted to estimate the length-weight relationship and Condition Factor of Oreochromis niloticus populations obtained from two reservoirs in Ekiti State. A total number of 260 specimens, comprising 111 fish from Egbe Reservoir and 149 fish from Ureje Reservoir were measured using standard procedures. The results show that the mean total length and body weight of the fish from Egbe Reservoir were 17.68±1.79cm and 106.80±39.03g respectively, while those of the fish obtained from Ureje Reservoir were 21.41±1.95cm and 186.82±39.75g respectively. The length-weight relationship equations were Log W = 2.742 Log L- Log 1.423 and Log W = 1.660 Log L+ Log 0.055 for specimens obtained from Egbe and Ureje reservoirs respectively. The regression coefficient (b) indicated an allometric growth in all specimens. Also, positive linear relationship was observed between the length and weight of the studied fish and the condition factors (K) of fish species from both reservoirs indicated that the fish species were robust and in good condition as both male and female from both water bodies had “K” values above “1.0”. Hence, the study concluded that the two reservoirs are suitable for O. niloticus growth and survival.

Keywords: Allometric growth, Oreochromis niloticus, Condition Factor, Length-weight relationship, Regression coefficient.


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