A Review on Integrated Agriculture Packages (IAP) for rural and urban dwellers in Tropical Afro-Asian World for Wastes Re-circulation

A Review on Integrated Agriculture Packages (IAP) for rural and urban dwellers in Tropical Afro-Asian World for Wastes Re-circulation

*1B. A. Falayi and E. A. 2Adesulu
Department of Biological Sciences
College of Natural and Applied Sciences,
Wesley University of Science and Technology (WUSTO), M. B. 507, Ondo, Ondo-State, South-Western Nigeria

Accepted June 12, 2012


Gas emission from Petro-Chemical sectors and Hydro-Carbon wastes from Industrialized nations of the world are sources of pollution to man. Aside this they have been known to have detrimental effects on the atmosphere as they also contribute in no-small-measure to the present Ozone layer depletion and Global warming.  In Tropical Africa, though may not be highly industrialized but the impact of Agricultural wastes disposal methods especially through burning and emission of hydro-carbons into the atmosphere is another phenomenon that contributes immensely to environmental pollution, ozone layer depletion and loss of biodiversity in the world today.  Africa is endowed with abundant land resources with many water bodies for potential crop, livestock and aquaculture farming and development for food security for sustainability of the growing population, but these resources are underutilized possibly due to poverty or misplacement of priorities or total lack of budget implementation on the part of our policy makers.  Agricultural wastes from livestock, crop farming and aquaculture are enormous and can be well disposed off by recirculation when these resources are put together for common goal rather than direct burning and contributing to Global warming. Asian countries such as Philippines, Japan, Korean, Indonesian e.t.c. have been involved in integrated farming for sometimes now possibly due to limited land resources. Many options are still available to rural and urban sectors in other Afro-Asian cities in integrated Agriculture packages (IAP). The crux of the matter is to meet human demand in animal and crop products with minimum inputs and without resulting to environmental degradation and further loss of natural plant and animal biodiversity. The paper reviewed some integrated options available in the agricultural sector in packages for implementation in Afro-Asian world. Such options include: Integrated poultry and or piggery cum fish farming, integrated Livestock cum fish cum rice farming, integrated poultry cum fish cum horticulture farming, integrated rabbit/cane rat cum fish cum rice farming e.t.c. The benefits accruing to all sectors of farming that are involved in integration agriculture packages (IAP) were highlighted. The immediate and future advantages of the IAP to the growing population in both rural and urban communities on jobs creation, staple carbohydrates and protein food security and supply and soil nutrients maintenance for sustainable ecosystem were also elaborated.

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