A Review on Psychotherapy Effect of Ornamental Plants

A Review on Psychotherapy Effect of Ornamental Plants

*1M. O. Oluwafemi, 2O. M. Olosunde, 3E. E. Esiet and 4S. D. Fagbayide
1Department of Horticulture and Landscape Technology; Federal College of Agriculture, Akure
2Department of Horticulture, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria;
3Department of Agricultural Extension and Farm Management, Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, Nigeria;
5Department of Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering, Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, Nigeria
*Corresponding author: Email: pstfemimatthew@yahoo.com Tel: 234-8037115902

Accepted on June 20, 2014


Horticultural therapy is a complimentary interaction that uses active treatment to stimulate and develop an individual whole-self cognitively, socially, morally and psychologically. Ornamental plants are primarily grown in human landscape for the purpose of aesthetics but could greatly enhance economic, environmental and lifestyle conditions of peoples. It can enhance self esteem, foster stress relief, alleviate depression, provide opportunities to solve problem, encourage work adjustment, social interaction and communication. It is the remedial treatment of disabilities, injuries, disorder or disease through interactive activities involving the science and art of growing ornamental plants. This paper reviews the psychotherapy effect of ornamental plants. The objectives of the study is to examine that access to outdoor ornamental plants has statutory effect on a person’s mental and physical health with the onset of modern medicine and its emphasis on treatment via surgery and drug, this knowledge was lost or deemed ‘unscientific’, high rise construction techniques created medical settings where patients were divorced from the outdoor.

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