Vol. 4, Nos 1 & 2, July – December 2007


Since 2004 when the maiden issue of Environtropica was published, we have turned out exactly 652 pages of original research papers contributed by 132 authors from various countries around the globe. The table below shows the number of pages and authors per volume.

Publication Pages No of Authors
Volume 1 No 1 177 34
Volume 1, No 2 133 30
Volume 2 Nos 1 & 2 124 31
Volume 3 Nos 1 & 2 101 23
Volume 4 Nos 1 & 2 101 14
Total 636 132

This performance is quite encouraging judging from the high rejection rate and the large number of pages that we have processed and discarded. This year (2007) alone, 45% of the papers submitted were rejected, thus going back to the high rejection rate of the first two years. More papers were submitted this year when compared with last year, suggesting that despite the high rejection rate, many more researchers are interested in publishing in Environtropica. This is encouraging and the Editorial Board is hopeful that the patronage of this journal by international scholars will continue to increase.


We hope to complete our registration with African Journals on Line (AJOL) very soon as well as refurbish our website which is currently being hosted by Obafemi Awolowo University at http://www.oauife.edu.ng/faculties/science/environtropica.htm. Environtropica will also celebrate 5 years of continuous publication next year when Volume 5 is being launched. This event will feature a symposium on “Advances in Global Environmental Research after the year 2000”, the proceedings of which will be published in a special volume of the journal in 2009. This symposium will soon be announced on the website and via email. It is my hope that as many tropical environment researchers as possible from many countries in the world will attend this event.

Prof. ‘Tola Badejo