Volume 3


In the first four years of the existence of Environtropica, 106 manuscripts were submitted from various regions in the world, for publication. Out of this, only 48 papers have been published. Submission of manuscripts has dropped from 56 in 2003 to 15 in 2006. This is due to the high rejection rate of the journal, which is a consequence of our editorial policy to publish papers of high quality. Rejection rate has dropped from 50% in 2003 to 20% in 2006. It is expected that rejection rate will continue to drop while submission shoots up as researchers all over the world realize that only reports of well-conceived in-depth environmental research would be considered acceptable for publication in Environtropica.


Though based in Nigeria, patronage from the international community continues to increase. The Editorial Board is grateful to researchers from Germany, Brazil, Uganda, Bangladesh, Egypt and Namibia who have published papers in Environtropica. It is our hope that our tentacles, which we have already spread throughout the international community, will continue to grab more researchers from more countries in the world as the years roll by.

Environtropica continues to rank next to only four Journals in the Nigeria with respect to International standards (see Monday Memo. Vol. 4 No 24. June 13, 2005, published by the Office of the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Abuja, Nigeria). On behalf of the Editorial Board, I promise that the high standard of the journal will be maintained ad infinitum.


Prof. ‘Tola Badejo