Volumes 9 & 10, August 2013


In the last volume, I promised that Volume 9 will be published in 2012. This could not happen because very few papers were accepted after peer review. The rate at which papers that cannot be accepted by Environtropica are submitted for the review process is alarming. It appears as if well written original research papers are hard to come by these days unlike in the past when painstaking in-depth research led to production of papers of high standard. One reason why Environtropica will not give up is that there is evidence that it remains the hope of the hard working and conscientious tropical researchers in search of credible outlets for their research output. Of what use is an excellent paper that is published in a local journal that lacks international appeal?

We missed our target of publishing 1,000 pages with Volume 9 by just 8 pages. Combining Volumes 9 and 10 has enabled us to exceed the target. With Volume 10, we have now published 1,125 pages of original research articles that will forever remain significant contributions to knowledge in environmental research in the tropics. The next target for us is to publish 200 papers. This target appears to be within reach due to our strategy of publishing papers presented at Annual Conferences in WUSTO in special volumes of Environtropica.

In 2011, 20 out of the 51 academic papers presented by researchers from 21 tertiary institutions in the country at the first Annual Conference of Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo (WUSTO) in July 2010 were peer reviewed and published in Volume 8. In the current combined volumes, 17 papers were published altogether, 14 of which were selected from papers presented at the second Annual Conference in 2012. From all indications, the next Volume already has enough papers because as of now, 42 abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the third Annual Conference this month.

The theme of the 2013 conference is “Emerging Trends in Soil Management and Water Conservation in the tropics” and it will take place from August 19 to 23, 2013. I have observed a gradual build-up of young and old academics who have decided to make WUSTO’s annual conference a ritual. This is so encouraging and the International Editorial Board of Environtropica is quite pleased with this development. There is no doubt that the world’s scientific global village awaits the full incorporation of Environtropica in the no distant future.

Thank you.
Prof. ‘Tola Badejo