Effects of anthropogenic activities on conservation parameters in Marguba range, Old Oyo National Park, Nigeria

Olumuyiwa A. Akande, Hafiz A. Adeyemi, Adeola A. Lameed, & Oladipo S. Olajesu



This research considered the effects of anthropogenic activities within the Marguba range of Old Oyo National Park on several parameters of conservation. Primary information was obtained through questionnaire administered to Park Rangers and local people in the support zones and also focused group discussion. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Secondary data were obtained from past journals at the Administrative Head Office of Oyo National Park, Oyo State. Findings revealed that activities such as grazing (57.1%), wood fuel (55.9%), abetting of poachers by Rangers (48.2%), poverty (43.5%) and destruction of vegetation (51.2%) were the highest activities destroying biodiversity. These have led to consequences such as deforestation, eco-displacement, environmental pollution and reduction in animal population. Therefore, it is recommended that stiffer penalties to prohibit people from destroying the ecosystem to be put in place. Also, there is the need to channel attention of locals to other sources of fuel and this could be through subsidy. There should be replacement of natural resources that have been destroyed by human activities. Also, the Participatory Management Approach should be extended to integrate more of the locals in the protection of the ecosystem.

Keywords: National Park, Anthropogenic Activities, Eco-displacement, Participatory Management


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